A day in my karmic life

“Carpe Diem: Seize the day”

7 AM: The alarm buzzed, but I was awake by then. My mind raced through the day’s tasks. I fought with my lethargy and dragged myself out of the bed, freshened up, and started Surya Namaskar. The first two rounds I was elevated, and the next two rounds I was exhausted. Pleased with my physical activity, I sat down to meditate. Half a minute into it, I remembered an important task to do once I reach office. Another half minute, I remembered that I was meditating. My son, still on the bed, whispered “Good Morning Daddy” and reached out for his iPad. My wife shouted from the kitchen “your coffee is getting cold”. I woke up enlightened, resolved to show better restrain while meditating henceforth.

“Work incessantly without expecting results”

1 PM: In office. Amidst work, emails and phone calls, my calendar buzzed reminding me of a meeting immediately. The calendar invite read “sorry for booking this meeting during lunch time – this is the only free slot available for everyone”. I heard another buzz, this time from my stomach that it’s hungry. I whatsapp’ed my colleagues that I won’t be joining them for lunch, and opened my lunch box to gulp few quick bites before rushing to the meeting room. I barged into the room saying “sorry I am late” and looked at the faces of half famished colleagues.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”

3 PM: A quick training on ‘Agile process’, and I sat in the front of a packed meeting room. A colleague across the table was busy on his mobile phone, and still feigning curiosity on the subject. “Agile is not just a process” said the trainer “it is also a change in your thought process that warrants you to be flexible, nimble and open to any idea or change”. It all made sense, and I tried my best not to yawn.

“Life doesn’t just happen. It requires your participation”

7 PM: At home. I have put on the TV to watch the leading Indian news channel, and started pranayama.

Breathe in, Breathe out

“Daddy, phone” gleamed my son holding my ringing mobile phone with his tiny hands. That seemed to be a call from my offshore team. I raised my hand to show five fingers seeking five minutes.

Breath in, Breathe out

“Sambar” shouted my wife from the kitchen. That’s her eureka moment for what to prepare for dinner tonight. I raised my hand thumbs up showing my unanimous agreement.

Breath in, Breathe out

The news anchor on TV yelled with the most pertinent question that India wants to know – “Is the Indian PM’s degree certificate authentic”. A furious member of another political party interjected that it’s not.

Breath in, Breathe out

The TV channel nonchalantly scrolled a news at the bottom “Over 100 dead with heat waves across India. Water shortage across major cities”

My breathing became rapid. My heart rate would have been over 100.

“At the end of the day, your success depends on how well you sleep”

11 PM: My playful son kissed me good night as the warmth of the bed overwhelmed the pleasure of playing. He laid on the bed staring at the roof with only few seconds before falling asleep. He looked like a tranquil yogi, and I wondered if he was still thinking about who would win if Indominous-Rex and T-Rex were to get into a duel. I remembered my parents and heaved a sigh on how funny and vicious the life cycle is.

My wife spoke wisely and gave the sweetest advice before closing her eyes – “Don’t think much, and sleep well”.

I questioned myself as I reached out to the beckoning bed “what was the best achievement of the day”, and the answer came from deep within “it is yet to come, and that’s a good night sleep”



Author: Goutham Palagiri

One among several actors on life stage; Best hypocrite the world has ever produced!!!

3 thoughts on “A day in my karmic life”

  1. Sometimes the best achievement of my day felt sooner, sometimes deferred, and most of the times never turns up. I meant the same good night sleep since there are vigils for next day in the karmic life😆😀

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