May Common Sense Prevail!!!

“Life was going on well, and then common sense played along”

The human mind is the most fascinating creation in this universe, far more mystifying than the universe itself. It is complex, chaos, prejudiced, and often confused. There is no single truth, but just perceptions. We can’t master the mind that is housed within us, and that’s a shame. Amidst this confusion lies the saviour of mankind that we seldom respect called common sense. The mind regurgitates the experiences from our upbringing, whereas common sense can think beyond the general boundaries of life. Following are the thoughts on those days when common sense gets as blatantly truthful as possible –

We use the term ‘God’ in two different contexts – the first is to refer to the creator of the universe that no one has ever seen in the history of mankind and that no one will ever see in the future. The second is to refer to few individuals that have shown certain elevated characteristics that normal humans cannot emulate. In the inability to see the actual creator, we found solace by attributing divinity to these individuals. For example, Sri Rama, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad to Sai Baba, were extraordinary humans that have displayed exemplary skills relevant to their times. Some exhibited remarkable valour and righteousness, some immense love and compassion, others great knowledge and wisdom. If they were to be born today, they will not have any relevance in the society. In this age of upsurging common sense, there will be no more Gods created. On that front, we are doomed and we have to live all by ourselves.

Religion is a community of people with similar beliefs. It works like an extended family – sometimes to derive strength from, and sometimes to give a shoulder to weep on. Religion gives vague and hypothetical answers to many questions that we can’t find answers to elsewhere. Religion is not a tool to either learn about the creator or to reach unto him. Instead, it is a prejudiced outlook that depends on the age old scripts that left us to our own interpretations. There is no heaven or hell beyond this life. Those that are fighting for religion in the name of the God have buried their brains deep under their impending graves.

It is said that out of all life on the earth, human life is the greatest. It is because of the human ability to be unconditionally blissful, and not because of the human intelligence that can conquer nature and be on the top of the food chain. Without striving to reach to that purest human form of being joyful, we look for happiness at all wrong places and in trivial things such as family, children, money, position, art, travel etc. Even cheaper, we impose insipid purposes for life and look for happiness in achieving those futile targets. Given that we meander around without living the life to its true potential, animals can be said to have taken over better position than humans.

Grief is self-inflicted 98.999 times out of 100. We blame others and the situations as a cause to our own grief without realizing that no one else is capable of imparting grief except ourselves. We expect others to impart happiness into our lives – from parents, from the spouse, from children, from friends, and even from strangers. We live through expectations in every aspect of life without realizing that life through expectation from others is the cheapest form of living. Little do we realize it is the fundamental right of others to behave the way they wanted. Our internal joy shouldn’t be affected by anyone, including the close ones. Let the chips fall where they may, we should be untouched by grief.

It is almost a crime to bring two distinct individuals together and get them to live as one. Marriage is a compromise, a bondage for an individual, regulates a free thinker, and adds blinkers to the explorer of different dimensions of life. But in this society, it is this restriction that gives a purpose to live for. A social human needs a social identity. This identity comes as a package to support social, physical, biological and emotional needs. Human is perverse by birth, and marriage keeps the various aspects of perversion inside the house. In this age of misplaced ideologies, the family gives purpose to live for and saves them from the existential crisis.

This is not a great world to bring children into. Our priorities are confused and our purposes are contrived. Given that, the fundamental quality of humans to bring the children into this world should be the ability to give the children a better world – better not just in terms of wealth, but also nutrition, a perception of life, and the stability in thinking. Those that cannot feed themselves should not beget children. Those that are utterly poor both in economic and psychological aspects should not conceive children. It is cruel to get them to this world and not give them the necessary atmosphere and tools to deal with it. Children can be bundles of joy, moral support etc., but these aspects should only be seen as an offshoot of responsibility.


Author: Goutham Palagiri

One among several actors on life stage; Best hypocrite the world has ever produced!!!

2 thoughts on “May Common Sense Prevail!!!”

  1. Great job Goutham. Elegant and brutal at the same time – probably I feel so more because it almost mirrors my views and perspectives on these topics.

    No offence but would just like to re-phrase this sentence slightly (just my opinion).

    “The second is to refer to few individuals that have shown certain elevated characteristics that normal humans cannot emulate.”

    “The second is to refer to few individuals that have shown certain elevated characteristics which are beyond other human’s experience and acceptance.” 🙂

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