Pursuit of a Medical Miracle

"Do you have any tattoos?" "No" I replied "Do you have any metal implants?" "No" "Do you have diabetes?" "No" "Are you Claustrophobic?" "No" I said, not sure if I should be proud of that answer. Few more questions later I was taken into the room, and the technician asked me to lie down on... Continue Reading →


Spyder meets the Dark Knight

There is hardly any challenge in Indianising, or even Tamilising the concept of Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight'. All you need is a Friday night, a pub, and a talkative friend for the inception of a storyline. For the rest, such as screenplay and characterizations, you need Murugadoss of course. The Batman's take on the... Continue Reading →

May Common Sense Prevail!!!

“Life was going on well, and then common sense played along” The human mind is the most fascinating creation in this universe, far more mystifying than the universe itself. It is complex, chaos, prejudiced, and often confused. There is no single truth, but just perceptions. We can't master the mind that is housed within us,... Continue Reading →

Bahubali 2: Epic Conclusion

The Bahubali mania entered our house almost a month ago when the trailers were released. We have seen many larger than life movies such as Avatar, Avengers and The lord of the rings, but surprisingly none of them had the effect that Bahubali had – probably because of the emotional connect to the regional story,... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy Is Our Birth Right!

Very early in the morning “Are you ok?” I stifled a yawn “Yes” replied my wife “You don’t seem alright?” I further probed “Nothing, it’s just a Facebook post” she looked at her phone “What about it?” “Well, there is this post about an old age home back in India. They have interviewed few parents... Continue Reading →

Anarchy of Democracy – Road to Revolution

It was in early 1990’s, we students were attentively listening to the social studies teacher in a sultry classroom made with thatched roof. The teacher read through a sentence from the text book “India is a developing country”. She said that there are few developed countries in this world such as America and Great Britain,... Continue Reading →

Life is an Affliction

The world out there is inherently beautiful, The reflection of it in my mind is unfortunately not!! It dawned and the day soon slipped into dusk. Days turned to months and then to years. I realize yet again that the life is meaningless, and this world is a very sad place to live. This is... Continue Reading →

The Beast Inside Me

(Following is an excerpt from the diary of a confused man who was born back in 20th century) An epic battle has just ended, and I lost to the beast inside me. I sat on the couch and poured a drink in the glass to concede my defeat. The beast smiled, and I started to... Continue Reading →

Curious Case of Karma Philosophy

Long ago, a wise man appeared in my hallucinated dream. His image was vague, but his voice was clear. He said “Beware of Karma. Your current life and its quality is the result of some of your earlier actions this life and the previous lives; your future will depend on the actions that you perform... Continue Reading →

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