A day in my karmic life

“Carpe Diem: Seize the day” 7 AM: The alarm buzzed, but I was awake by then. My mind raced through the day’s tasks. I fought with my lethargy and dragged myself out of the bed, freshened up, and started Surya Namaskar. The first two rounds I was elevated, and the next two rounds I was... Continue Reading →


Our Flawed lives

My blood test reports have come, and I was summoned to see the doctor. Many test results were out of range. Hemoglobin should be 13, but mine’s only 11. The doctor smirked and asked me not to bother about these ‘out of range’ results, and these ranges are only for reference. We have an appraisal... Continue Reading →

Bahubali Review

**** Spoiler Alert **** It has been a strange feeling throughout the months of June and July with Bahubali taking a front seat on all the social media platforms via the TV/YouTube interviews, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. As a preparation to see the movie, I deliberately attempted to learn as much about it through... Continue Reading →

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